Adjustable Washing Machine Stand and Base for the Fridge with Wheels

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Our washing machine stand is made of PP plastic and has a super weight capacity. You can choose from levels of 300 kg, 500 kg, 600 kg, 800 kg, and 1000 kg. It can be placed vertically next to a mini refrigerator or other small appliance, like a mini washing machine dryer, and it prevents shaking when the washing machine is operating and is useful for flood cleanup.

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1. Our stand's ability to effectively reduce vibration and shaking is one of its key features. With the aid of our washing machine stand, your appliances won't move at all, allowing you to unwind and go about your daily tasks without worrying about stabilizing them or being concerned about them moving while they're in use.

2. A distinguishing quality of our washing machine stand is its capacity to easily permit air to flow underneath the washer. This design reduces the likelihood of mold and mildew growth as well as the accumulation of dust and grime by limiting moisture retention. You can keep your home and appliances safe and organized with the aid of this washing machine stand.

3. The washing machine platform is simple to assemble and use. Your appliance will be firmly in place once you align it with the stand. Due to its small size and space-saving design, the stand is the perfect addition to any home because it allows you to free up valuable floor space that would otherwise be taken up by large appliances. Use this washing machine stand to store and organize your equipment.

4. This washing machine performs better than the majority of its competitors in terms of dependability, weight capacity, and durability despite being less expensive. We are committed to provide excellent customer service and take great pleasure in the caliber of our products and services. Our washing machine stand has a lot of weight capacity, effective vibration reduction, great air circulation, ease of installation, and a fair price.


Model: HC-06X;

Min: 40*40cm, Max: 60*60cm, Height: 10-12cm; Weight Capacity: 300KG. 4 Wheels.


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Our factory, which has been in operation for 13 years with a highly advanced production line. We accept OEM and ODM services due to our 23 injection machines, skillful technical staff, and set production schedule. If you have any problems after making your purchase, a specialist will be delighted to help you.


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We provide OEM services, which include custom molds, packaging, and branding customized. We also provide affordable shipping and payment options.



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Given the nature of our business, we can without a doubt fulfill the requirements of sizable manufacturing orders. It's a good idea to have a backup plan.

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Sincere services are offered, and they are tailored to each client's unique demands. You will develop a solution that is individually tailored to your needs with the assistance of our skilled personnel.

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In fact, we use cutting-edge production techniques that take into account the most recent innovations. Our production processes result in items of outstanding quality.

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Our team of professionals is very gifted and knowledgeable. Because they are knowledgeable and capable, they can deal with any problems you may have. We promise to treat each and every one of our customers with the highest respect.

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If you need assistance with any issues or questions, get in touch with our professional after-sales support team. To keep our pledge to assure your pleasure, our team will make every effort to address any problems you may be experiencing.

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