Short Features:

• Universal use for household appliance

• 12 strong legs weight 500 kg

• Size adjustable 18-29.5 inches

• Height adjustment 3.9-5.1 inches

• Premium Polypropylene Material

• Shockproof for washing machine

Product Detail

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Special base for washing machine specification

Model HC-04J
Type 12 strong legs
Color Grey/White/Blue
Material PP plastic , Stainless steel rod,PVC pad
Size Minimum 45x45 cm(18x18 inches), Maximum 75x75 cm(29.5x29.5 inches) ,Height 10-13 cm(3.9-5.1 inches)
Weight Capacity 500 KG
Package 1pcs/individual box,6pcs/master carton


Key Features

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Universal use for household appliance

The washing machine base stand is a universal base for front load/top load/semi automatic washing machine,dryer,fridge and heavy object.

12 strong legs weight 500 kg

The semi automatic washing machine stand have a even weight distribution, more stable and durable.With the 12 strong legs,it can weight up for 500 kilograms object.base for front load/top load/semi automatic washing machine,dryer,fridge and heavy object.

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Size adjustable 18-29.5 inches

The top load washing machine stand minimum size for 18x18 inches.when you open the clip on the triangle corner,you can make it larger and the maximum size is for 29.5x29.5 inches.

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Premium Polypropylene Material

The material of the triangle corner is made of high hardness premium plastic material Polypropylene.Good support to your appliance.

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Height adjustment 3.9-5.1 inches

The short leg with ring on the bottom is for the height adjustment.The washing machine base stand can be raise up height from 3.9 inches to 5.1 inches.

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Shockproof for washing machine

When the washing machine died on the base,the non slip pads can reduce the shaken for washing machine and reduce the shock noise.

Product Package

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