Short Features:

• Multi functional fridge stand

• 16-26 Inches Adjustment at Length and Width

• 3.5-4.7 Inches at Height Adjustment

• 4 Legs Sturdy Load Capacity for 200 KG

• Multi Color Grey/White/Blue

• Water Proof and shock Proof


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Special base for washing machine specification

Model HC-01X
Type 4 general legs
Color Grey/Blue/White
Material PP plastic , Stainless steel rod,PVC wheel
Size Minimum 40x40 cm(16x16 inches), Maximum 67x67 cm(26x26 inches) ,Height 9-12 cm(3.5-4.7 inches)
Weight Capacity 200 KG
Package 1pcs/individual box,10pcs/master carton


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Multi functional fridge stand manufacturer

This China factory fridge stand is a compatible base for both single and double door fridge of Haier, IFB, LG, Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Godrej, BPL, SAMSUNG, Mitashi, Intex capacity of 150 to 292 litres.

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Size Adjustment at Length and Width

This  makes for an ideal choice if you have a refrigerator, a washing machine, dryer, mini fridge or furniture like a crockery cupboard, a wardrobe cupboard, etc and is an avid floor protector.The length and width can be adjusted from 16 inches to 26 inches.

Height Adjustment

The fridge stand can be raised up or lower down the size from 3.5 inches to 4.7 Inches at height,which are good protect for your washer ,dryer or refrigerator from the wet ground.

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Strong Load Capacity

4 Legs Sturdy Load Capacity for 200 KG.The heavy duty fridge stand is sturdy enough to support your home appliance.

Water Proof and shock Proof

Water-Proof, Vibration-Proof and Shock-Proof:The strong feet for washing machine stand come with high-quality PVC pads that absorb excessive vibrations that can be caused when it’s being operated.

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Multi Color Grey/White/Blue

We make the triangle color and the legs to be gray,white,and blue color to meet demand of clients' market.and the color also can be customized according to your demand.

Product Package

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