Short Features:

• Fit for Side by Side Fridge,Mini Freezer,Gas Stove

• 4 Legs 4 Wheels Good Load Capacity 400 KG

• Size Adjustment 22-36 Inches

• Move Easily with Swivel Wheels and Brake

• Protect Appliance from Wet Ground


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Special base for washing machine specification

Model SKM-4J4L
Type 4 swivel wheels with 4 middle legs
Color Grey/Blue/White
Material PP plastic , Stainless steel rod,PVC wheel
Size Minimum 56x56 cm(22x22 inches), Maximum 91x91 cm(36x36 inches) ,Height 11-13 cm(4.3-5.1 inches)
Weight Capacity 400 KG
Package 1pcs/individual box,4pcs/master carton

Key Features

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Fit for Side by Side Fridge,Mini Freezer,Gas Stove

This mobile base for fridge can be used in many home appliance like side by side fridge,mini freezer,stove oven,ice maker.All big size appliance would be fit for it.

Good Load Capacity 400 KG

The freezer base is strong and stable with 4 double locking wheels and 4 strong feet at the bottom to support your home appliance.It can be lifted a heavy object for 400 kg(880 lbs).

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Size Adjustment 22-36 Inches

The adjustable fridge base with a good adjustment from 22 inches to 36 inches.That's good length and width you can extend according to your demand.And size customized is acceptable for you.

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Move Easily with Swivel Wheel and Brake

The swivel wheel on the triangle corner is made of pvc combined metal ultra-strong rigidness material. Even a kids or women can move the appliance easily.It is convenient for you that the wheel with brake you can press down to lock and release it to move.

Protect Appliance from Wet Ground

The refrigerator base can be raise up to 5.1 inches and lower down to 3.9 inches.The fridge base raised up the height of your appliance so it can be protected well for your home appliance from the wet ground.

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Big Size Corner

22 cm big size triangle corner made of Polypropylene material.

Non Slip Pads

Black pads on the corner is anti slip pads when you place the machine on it.

Balanced Level

The blue level is for checking whether the base on horizontal or oblique.There is a bubble on the blue level,if the bubble on the middle of the blue level,then it is horizontal.

Size Fixed Clip

The clip on the corner is convenient for you to fixed the size of the base.Then the base cannot be adjusted the size when it is close.

Product Package

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