How to adjust the balance of the base of the washing machine

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First of all, we are adjusting, to ensure that the adjustment nut of the adjustment foot and the washing machine are locked, if our nut is locked, it will cause the washing machine to vibrate loudly, and even shift, which is very unsafe.

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Adjust the foot under horizontal conditions, the foot should not be too long, otherwise it will lead to the washing machine washing machine vibration noise, I recommend that you better not adjust the height of the foot, because we adjust it ourselves, a little attention, can not ensure that each foot is adjusted and balanced consistently, especially easy to cause noise shift vibration large.
We need to first raise the front of the washing machine slightly, loosen the foot with the right hand, and then lay the washing machine flat. After the adjustment is completed, we use both hands to check whether the washing machine is shaking, if there is no shaking, tighten the foot lock and twist, if there is still shaking, continue to loosen the foot to adjust.
If you accidentally unscrew the foot, don’t worry, we just need to screw it on the screw like a screw. Note that the lock should be tightened after the washing machine is not shaken during the inspection, so as not to loosen it during our use in the future.

Post time: Sep-28-2023